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Pre-Workout Food - Early Morning Edition

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Working out in the early morning poses an interesting question of what to eat to fuel your workout. I used to swear by training fasted, but once I started incorporating these small snacks into my routine I found myself with way more energy during my workout and I wasn't a hangry mess the second my workout was over.

I like to focus on getting quick digesting carbs and fat before my workout, usually around 150 - 200 calories worth (15-20c / 7-10f / ~5p) but the exact amount is very individual. I also like to make sure my snacks are quick to grab in the morning and are portable so I can consume it on the way to the gym. Here are some of my go to items that are still light enough to consume early in the morning.

- 1/2 banana with nut butter (could use any fruit but I find bananas travel the best and don't drip all over my car)

- 1/2 Lara or Kind bar

- 2 protein bites (recipe here)

- Handful of grapes and nuts

- Rice cake with nut butter and jam

- Toast with butter or nut butter

- Banana bread (recipe here) with butter or nut butter

- Berry smoothie (I like to add frozen avocado for fats - plus it makes the smoothie super creamy)

- Sweet potato 'toast' with mashed avocado (or nut butter)

Have a great workout!

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