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Hi, I’m Laura! I’m an accountant, competitive golfer and power lifter with a passion for healthy food.

My own journey started in 2013 when I graduated university and started my first job. As a varsity athlete throughout my undergrad, I was able to out train my mediocre diet. But once I started working, the long hours and demanding environment left me with little time for the gym and a consistent diet of prepared food. 

I tried an endless number of 'quick fixes' and crash diets but each one left me frustrated with no progress. It wasn't until my mindset shifted and I began focusing on more whole foods, veggies and the power of movement that my life made a huge shift.

I've spent the last five years diving into the world of nutrition, health and wellness but it hasn't been a simple or straight forward journey. Along the way I struggled with an overly restrictive mindset towards food and fear around foods that weren't what I deemed to be 'healthy' or 'clean'. 

Discovering my passion for cooking was the catalyst that helped me find a balanced mindset around food. My focus is now on fueling my body with nutrients and whole foods that make me feel my best.

I hope through this blog I can share with you the tips and tricks that I've learned along the way to make cooking and eating a fun and enjoyable experience. I truly believe you should #nevereatabadmeal. 

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